24 May 2010

Copper Rail Depot model RR update

Sunday I reworked the approach to the wye on the far-west end of the outdoor model RR layout. The entire approach had to be redone because the slope too steep and some rolling stock was uncoupling at the top of the slope.

This was very difficult and frustrating work, requiring the cutting out of overhead supports (there is a walkway immediate above part of the sloped rail line that is within 1 foot to 1 1/2 feet of it) to accommodate the height of the train because I had to raise part of the slope, bringing it too close at two points to the walkway above. This was successfully accomplished. The new main east-west approach to the wye is now complete.

The wye base when it was still under construction in 2006: On the left is the base for
the east-west approach. This had to be readjusted to accommodate the larger trains that
now operate on this model railroad.