19 May 2009

Roslyn Trip II, Pt 2

The Northwestern Improvement Company once had all those coal mines around Roslyn similar to this one:

I did find a part of the concrete base for the above structure. There was even very little of the concrete remaining. The company had been very thorough in removing the old structures.

Now there are only these enormous "slag piles" that can be seen mostly along the eastern ridge. I walked up one of them. These are actually waste ore dumps. They are still loose, tend to be very steep and quite high and are thus somewhat dangerous.

Looking down a slag pile in the direction of the coal trail that was once the NP rail bed:

Looking UP that same slag pile to the top:

Looking down another pile toward what I think was a concrete hoist house. No sign of the actual adit, however. This is in the woods just to the east of Roslyn.

Behind this slag pile was yet another high one. In this section of the woods along the ridge they were everywhere:

Any of these pictures can be clicked onto to view the larger one.

To be continued

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