05 September 2009

Fan Letter (Sept 1 2009)

Two Canadian bicyclists who happen to be geologists stopped by the bar in late August. Each one purchased a book that I then shipped off to their respective addresses in B.C. and Alberta, Canada. Here is a letter I received from one of them the other day:

Hi Ronald,
Just received your book titled "Legacy of the Chief".
I haven't had a chance to read it as yet but it looks like it is going to be a very interesting read with lots of good pictures. I would like to congratulate you on publishing such an impressive book- it must have taken a great deal of time and effort to prepare a book of this length and quality.
You mentioned that you had some discussions with Lew Green on the geology of Kennecott when he was working for Hanna Mining. He was my party chief when I worked as a student with the Geological Survey of Canada north of Keno Hill in the Yukon in 1955.
Thanks for opening your bar for Chris and I and for giving us a demonstaration of your minature trains. We were both impressed with the size and quality of your train system and with the model towns, bridges, cars and people that you had placed along the route. We were particularly impressed with the your duplication of the Kennecott townsite and mining/milling operations.
Our stop at your bar to have a few beers, see your model train display and chat about the history of the Copper Centre/Kennecott area was defintely one of the highlights of our bicycle trip in Alaska.
With best regards,
Jim Allan

 Chapters from my historic novel can be found on-line here "Legacy of the Chief"
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Here is a second "fan" letter from Nov 10, 2008:
Hi Ron,
What a totally amazing site that you have! Having grown up in Douglas and spending much of my kidhood playing in the old Treadwell mines site, I’ve been a lifelong devotee to Alaska mining (and fishing) history. What you’ve done for the Kennecott, CR&NW, KMR, and Copper River area-in-general history is outstanding. I’d love to have you apply the same dedication to the Juneau area mines as well, but it’s easy to see where your heart is and how you’ve focused on your area as a means of self-discovery as well. Your auto-biographical page on the “pursuit of the ghost train …” is enthralling and I can’t wait for your next update, or for that matter, all the rest of your site pages. I’ve also checked out most of your other links and they’re right on!
I don’t get out much from Juneau except to the greater Anchorage-Mat-Su area where we have family to visit, but the next time we go over to Valdez , your establishment will be number one on my list of priority attractions. Conversely, if you ever make it down to Juneau for whatever reason, be sure to give me a call. I’d love to get acquainted with a fellow history buff.
Keep up the wonderful work.
Rich Mattson

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