06 September 2009

Moving on to Maurice's Home

One of the models I will feature on my Cicely NX layout will be my version of Maurice Minnifield's log home. The film producers gave us some tantalizing shots to hint at the nature of his log mansion.

Maurice is particularly interesting to me because of his dominant position as the unofficial town leader, as amply demonstrated in the very first episode where he made it clear to Dr. Joel that he WOULD be the doctor at remote Cicely Alaska for all 4 years whether he liked it or not.

All the interior shots of the Minnifield home were studio mock-ups filmed in Redmond, Washington, such as this scene of his main door. On the REAL house--the one whose exterior shots we have seen many times--this is NOT the door. In fact, the studio version is much larger than the exterior house--the one on the hill at Roslyn--actually allows.
I always liked the studio version of Maurice's home as the producers envisioned it inside.

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