30 June 2008

More Historic Pages plus the Fireweed Festival

I am continuing to add to my two on-going historic pages: The Klondike Mines Railway and the Kennecott mines. Several new pages appear today.

Klondike Mines Railway on the Homestake Gulch trestle.

We had our big Fireweed Festival weekend Saturday. It was down a full third from the previous year, probably largely due to the increased cost of travel. I featured the Ramblers Band and provided a free salmon bake with potato salad and baked beans. Even with the diminished participation, the bar was full. Just as last year, I had set up an outdoor stage for the band. We had to move the band indoors by 9pm due to the unusually cold weather, even though it was mid-summer and clear outside. Even though the overall take was somewhat disappointing, the decrease in business from last year was not unexpected.

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