16 June 2008

An Old Train Comes back on Line

With almost all the emphasis in recent months being placed on the Great Nothern Phase II operation (aka ALCANEX), the orginal rail line, the Copper River & Northwestern Phase I has been largely neglected. I went through the track switches overhead in the bar yesterday when I discovered that several of them did not work. Two had broken or cut lines and one needed adjustment. Once I restored the use of these remotely-activated overhead switches, I was able to start up the double-header I use every year for this Phase I line.

The newer Phase II line has no remote-activated switches. It has two sidings inside the bar above the backbar that serve as parking areas. The trains parked there simply exit out through a couple of manually-operated switches whereas the Phase I line runs above the bar through a series of switches that MUST work remotely.

The cars I am presently using on the original track make up a beer-liquor consist that I set up for bar display last year. These include two Aristocraft Jack Daniels passenger cars, an LGB JD car, a Harley car, two different Alaska brewing cars and a Budweiser reefer, plus my Budweiser caboose.

The LGB engines at the head of the consist have always performed very well, as was the case with this initial run.

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