12 June 2008

The Phase II trains

A closer look at the mixed Milwaukee Road / AKRR passenger consist:

Somewhere in the states is my Milwaukee Road FA-FB-FA unit waiting to be converted to remote battery control for this unit. At that time I might add more coaches. Maybe.

The south track line: The Santa Fe line is also parked at NX-Cicely (Cicely for short).

This consist has not yet been tested on the long return grade to the east. It remains to be seen of an Aristo model diesel can outperform a USA diesel. I had to park it due to the change in the weather so here it sits for now.

Here we have a good view of Cicely as we look west. All three parallel passenger consists can be seen in this photo. As with most of my others, you may click this picture to obtain a much-larger one.

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