24 April 2009

The Schrader Railroad Wall Art Piece

Years ago when I was still running my old business--Yukon Amusement (juke boxes, pool tables, video games, pinball machines and cigarette machines) one of my accounts had one of these as wall art. It was at a place called Angel Creek Lodge which is near the end of the Chena Hot Springs Road to the northeast of Fairbanks.

Try as I might I was unable to talk the owner out of that piece. I really wanted it badly too. That was about 16 years ago. Then a few months ago one of them came up on Ebay. I bid on it using Bidnapper, but the bid was too low. Nobody got that piece because no one made the minimum required for it. Then, less than a month ago it came up again--same piece. THIS time it was offered as a "Buy It Now." And THIS time, I bought it! Here it is, displayed proudly in my bar at the CRD. You can click this image for a larger one.

This evening I found the Angel Creek website. Sure enough, it was STILL the same--all these years later: Same on the OUTSIDE and . . .

SAME on the inside right down to that SAME piece of railroad wall art--STILL there with the SAME owner/bartender standing in front ! Can you believe that !

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