26 April 2009

The Milwaukee Road Passenger Consist Runs

So far I have test-run the Milwaukee Road doodlebug; the Great Northern mallet with a load of short coaches including three Jack Daniels, two Milwaukee Roads, two LGB D&RG plus two Aristo D&RG followed by four REA freight cars and REA caboose; the AKRR 40-2 with a long load of beer cars and other Alaska or northern-theme box cars and reefers; the ATSF Dash-9 with a group of USA Trains Santa Fe coaches; and a shiny Burlington E-8 with a long load of Great Northern USA coaches. Now it was finally time for the
Milwaukee Road Aristocraft FA-FB-FA units to go out on the tracks today. These latter were controlled by a Locolinc. All three were run as one with the B-unit being a powered slave to the front FA unit.

The Milwaukee Road is one of my all-time favorite stateside rail lines. This Milwaukee Road consist will be prominently featured this summer. A special depot will be constructed for the Milwaukee Road closely based on the one that has been restored in South Cle Elum, Washington.

Click any image for a larger one:

Here you see a complete consist of Milwaukee Road coaches in front of Cicely. As you can also see, I have an obvious frost heave problem out there. But it is not enough to affect smooth running of the trains.

This is the full passenger consist. I can possibly run one more coach, but this is close to the practical limit of length of consist for this particular line.

The consist (below) has reached the east loop and negotiates it quite smoothly.

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