25 April 2009

What ABOUT those trains ?

I have written on this subject before, but it is worth bringing up from time to time.

I often write about my extensive and growing large scale (~1:24 = G-gauge) model railroad.
It all started with my early attempts to model certain significant elements of the Copper River & Northwestern Railway (CRNW Ry) back in 1994.

In those days I was in the midst of a historic research project that initially revolved around the interior Kennecott copper mines and soon widened to include the CRNW Ry and the other towns and whistle stops associated with the CRNW.

At that time I was not exactly a model train enthusiast. In fact I was not a rail fan (as they are called) at all in those days. It is true that I once had a small Lionel train set, but it is long-gone and probably would have been all but forgotten had it not been for that research project I began in 1989.

I will probably write about this subject in more detail, but in short, it was the historic project that set the direction. At some point I decided to attempt to build models of some of those significant structures. And it was the CRNW Ry which tied it all together.

Ron in 1997 in his father's garage at West Linn, Oregon, where the Kennecott mill model was built.
Needless to say, the model-building project quickly became a model railroad project that started in 1994 and was still underway with no end in sight as of 2009.

--more to follow on this subject--

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