24 August 2009

CRD Saloon Outdoor RR Track Plan Changes

Map showing main level of the ALCANEX/CRNW model train system at the Copper Rail Depot as of the summer of 2008:
This was the layout I had at the beginning of the summer of 2009.

By the end of the season of THIS year--2009--I had added one segment of track, creating East Sleetemute Junction, so I could run a line of track to a point UNDER the existing Cicely model town. This new location is named "Cantwell Railroad Yard & Industrial Area." Cantwell includes several parallel tracks that I use for parking additional train "consists" (a complete train including both the rolling stock and the engine/caboose combination IF a caboose is used).

The Cantwell layout is as shown below:
Many of the consists will be wintering over in this location. The engines, which are battery-powered, will be moved to a heated location for the winter. Some will be in the bar. Others will be moved elsewhere until April of 2010.

View of the Cantwell RR Yard:

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