13 August 2009

Fall is in the air

It appears to me that our long warm-to-hot spell is finally over. The clouds are dominant. Sometimes we get a spattering of precipitation, and temperatures are now ranging from the mid-30s to only the low 60s in the last few days. Since late July we have seen the leaves turning on some of the smaller trees. Last night an unexpected frost hit the Tanana Valley, which is north of the Alaska Range.

I have already started the initial processes of winterization with the shutting down of the hot water in the public/campers' lavatory/showers. That means that the coin-op shower is no longer available for the season. At the end of the month I will shut off the water to the public restrooms and drain the system. Everything else remains on normal track. Rooms continue to be rented one or two at a time most nights.

Almost all of the fishermen in the three campgrounds upriver have left except for the charter fishermen themselves. The campgrounds are now all but deserted.

I am now waiting for signs of the snows advancing down the mountains.

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