30 August 2009

The Joe & Marla Wedding Reception: The Parking Lot

Joe Hart and Marla Gilman married on Aug 28, 2009 after a long relationship. Both have been previously married. They had their first reception at the Tazlina Community Hall. The second one was held on the banks of the Klutina River on part of the Copper Rail Depot property.

Here are some of the parking lot shots. This is the fullest I have seen this lot as far back as I can remember. Click any image for a much-larger view:

I lined the walkway up to the dike with a 100 foot construction light string so the path would be well-marked and easily navigated once it got dark. This event began at 6 PM.

David Goodlataw and J.T. walk up the dike as they head for the party. Joe provided food and drink, including two kegs of beer--Miller Light and Coors Light.

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