16 August 2009

Rosyln Trip II, Pt 6:Arrival at Cle Elum

View of the approach into the Ellensburg-Cle Elum area:

I stayed at the Cascade Motor Inn, just as I had back in 2007. It is a very clean, spacious place at a reasonable price ($59.00):

After checking in here I had dinner at a nearby cafe and then headed up to Roslyn for my first day of photo shots. Map shows location of Cascade Mountain Inn in Cle Elum and the routes to my two immediate destinations: The restored Milwaukee Road depot in South Cle Elum and the roughly 3 mile route to Roslyn, which is NW of Cle Elum.

Click either image for a larger view.

Here is the

link to the MapQuest map
shown above.

The following posts will group the images by place and structure.

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