19 February 2011

Bob Haldeman Interview--Kennecott's Braden Mines, Index Pt 1

Robert Haldeman, right, Kennecott's Chief in Chile during the turbulent years leading up to the Communist Revolution of 1971
Robert M. Haldeman, born, 17 Jun 1917; died 15 Sep 1997 at the age of 80

Mr. Haldeman's most far-reaching lesson throughout life was that related to moral and ethical principles. He taught me from early in life that there are principles that simply are not negotiable no matter what the circumstances are. Among these are the principles related to justice, equity, responsibility, tolerance, and mutual respect among individuals. These principles were so deeply seeded in the minds of his disciples that today they have become a way of life in the  prosperous mining operations managed by those who had the privilege to belong to his school of  thought.   

--Pedro Campino
President, Compania Minera Cerro Colorado Ltda.
October 1994
Santiago, Chile

Taken from an interview with Bob
Haldeman, the new junior engineer at the Braden Mines in 1941 who rose
to become manager of Kennecott Copper Corporation's (KCC) El Teniente
Braden Mines at Sewell, Chile. At one time this was the largest
underground mine in the world. Braden was acquired from the Guggenheim
Brothers in 1915 when Kennecott Corporation was first formed. Until it
was nationalized by a new Chilean Communist government under Salvadore
Allende in 1971, it was Kennecott's richest copper mine. This interview
is a window into how KCC operated during much of the 20th Century as
seen through the eyes of a prominent KCC manager who rose through the
ranks from junior engineer to THE representative of the KCC in Chile.
This interview will also cover the cataclysmic events revolving around
the ultimate Communist take-over, followed by the counter-coup in 1974
in Chile.    --R Simpson 

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