13 October 2010

Bob Haldeman Interview (7)

She didn't answer. I kept asking, "What's the matter? Is 
the line cut? Operator! Operator!" 
Finally she said, "I'm still here, but I'm crying." 
I said, "Well, what's the answer?" 
She said, "Yes." So she came down. 
You got married down here and stayed here? 

Haldeman: Yes. We moved up to the house up in the town site. 

Swent: Did you have the two-months honeymoon? 

Haldeman: No, two weeks. I was supposed to have a two-week honeymoon. My 
wife went across the states by train and went to the New York 
office. It so happened that the mine superintendent's wife was 
coming down at the same time, so they arranged for the two 
ladies to travel together, by air this time. It was Panagra at 
that time, a Pan-American Grace line. They were DC-3s, and in 
1944 passengers were subject to off-loading because of war 

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