16 October 2010

First Trip to the Klondike, Pt 3

This is a historic panoramic photo of Dawson City at its zenith, probably about 1912.  To the right is the confluenceof the Klondike River. Just across the river was Klondike City, a small "town" which served as the railroad yard for the KMR.  Nothing remains there to indicate there ever was a railroad save a few pieces of iron if one knows where to look.

On the top left is The Dome--a very prominent backdrop for historic Dawson City.  The view is looking east. Click for a much larger image.

(click above photo for larger image)
I took this picture with my polaroid from on top of the Dome. You are looking up the Yukon River with a view of a part of Dawson City as it was in 1978-79.  Across the Yukon River is the Top of the World Highway winding its way to the top of the hills.

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