15 October 2010

Bob Haldeman interview (48)

By this time, 1970, we had, not including the construction,
which were mostly foreigners--in our operating organization six
expatriates, and all the rest were Chileans. The general
manager of operations, the general manager of the service
department, the manager of personnel, purchasing, and all down
the line were Chileans. A top-flight team, really doing a
wonderful job.

Do you want to say who did get the bid? It's a matter of

Haldeman: McKee, Bechtel, and Utah [Mining and Construction Company) had
to split it up because of their specialties.

Swent: So they had a consortium.

Haldeman: Yes. One didn't have smelting experience, and the other one
didn't have mining experience; so we decided we would pick out
those things, and they would have to get together on it. It
turned out excellently. We were under time and slightly over
budget, but financing came very easy.

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