16 October 2010

First Trip to the Klondike, Pt 5

We are very fortunate in that four of the original locomotives from the KMR, Numbers 1, 2 and 3, plus one of the Detroit-Yukon Railroad Porters, number 4, have survived and are resting not far from where they road the rails--the confluence of the Yukon & Klondike Rivers at Klondike City to a point 31 miles to the SE in a remote and long-forgotten place high in the hills known back then as Sulphur Springs.

Sometimes locomotive number four is mistaken for one of the KMR engines because its number is in sequence with the others. This is just one of those odd coincidences. The other three porters, Nos. 1, 2 & 3,  were removed years ago.  The real KMR No. 4  was picked up by the WPRR at the site of the old KMR engine house to be resurrected for use elsewhere. It now sits in Oklahoma.

Here they all were back in the 1970s in a place called "Minto Park" in Dawson City, adjacent the old administration building, which is now a museum.  These wonderful old narrow gauge steam locomotives from the glorious Klondike Gold Rush days will hopefully forever rest here in the public view where all can appreciate this significant part of Klondike history.

 Since this photo was taken (click for larger image) these engines have been placed under cover and are in the process of being restored as static displays. 
I will deal in more detail with each of these locomotives, but for now I wanted you to see them all lined up. Quite a sight are they not? Where else would one be so fortunate as to find four of the original steam engines still sitting close to where they once operated?

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