16 October 2010

Klondike Gold Rush & the All-American Route, Pt 2

The All-American Route: Klutina Lake

The old map: "Lake Abercrombie" is actually "Klutina Lake" (click)
This map is a continuation of the previous one. The trek over the two glaciers and the Chugach Range summit involved stopping at a number of camps the sprang up along the way. The last of these were at the end of the Klutina Glacier and at various points along this lake.

historic Klutina Lake map (click image for larger version)

Someone managed to haul a complete sawmill over the pass. This became sawmill camp. It was used to build boats to cross the lake and then begin the journey down the Klutina River.

The lake is not far away from Copper Center--about two dozen miles over a very rough trail. For a brief time in Alaska's history, this area was populated with many prospectors with hopes of striking it rich either by continuing on to the Klondike gold fields or by finding gold in the valley. Rumors of massive gold fields in the Copper Valley were prevalent but false.

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