17 October 2010

KMR No. 4

KMR #4--The newest and the last in the series of four KMR engines

This is the only engine built for the KMR, arriving late in 1912.  It operated nine months before the KMR closed down.
The WP&Y Ry purchased this engine and a number of pieces of rolling stock in 1942 for use on that line where it operated for several more years until being retired in 1952.  It was eventually sold to a buyer in Milwaukee in 1955. It eventually became part of a kind of carnival operation where it was renamed the "Hooterville Cannonball" with the tender indentifed as the "Petticoat Junction RR." This was not the one from the television series, which occurred on the Sierra Railroad in California, but was instead an attempt to cash in on the popularity of that show. The locomotive went through a series of moves over the years and now  sits in storage in Adair, Oklahoma.

This one was a prairie with a straight boiler (click for larger image).

This was KMR 4 in Dawson in 1912-13--the only picture I have seen of this unit in action. (click).

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