17 October 2010

KMR No. 2

KMR #2

KMR engine No. 2, built in 1885,  was Columbia and Puget Sound No. 8 before being sold to White Pass as number 5 (later renumbered 55).  It arrived at Klondike City in 1905 along with a barge load of other rolling stock for the KMR which was still not in operation.  Included in the load were two passenger coaches, one of them being a combine, probably built in the 1880s.  There were also  a number of box cars and flat cars. Most of the thirteen box cars and the ten flat cars arrived in that year. By the time the KMR had ended service in 1913 all of those box cars had been converted to flat cars and the coaches had not run for several years.

KMR #2 proved to be the most useful of all the locomotives and is the one which shows up in most of the photos of the KMR. 

A Bachmann 2-8-0 1:20.3 is to become KMR #2

Line drawing of KMR No. 2 (click)
I have one of these on hand  to fill in the role of KMR #2 for my Phase III KMR model railroad. This one, along with KMR #1 will be powered by remote battery.  No. 2 will probably be the busiest one on the line just as the original KMR #2 was, assuming the Phase III line is ever constructed.

KMR No. 2 (click)

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