17 October 2010

KMR No. 3

KMR #3

KMR #3 was a  Baldwin  2-8-0 Vauclain compound built new for the WPRy  as  No. 7, renumbered  as 57 then  sold in 1906 to the KMR as  No. 3.  This was evidently intended to  handle the heavy  freight loads which never materialized.  Because of this, KMR 3 sat mostly unused until 1910 when it was finally put to use hauling firewood. It joined Nos 1 and 2 at the Dawson City Museum in 1961.

These two images are clickable to a larger size.

. This Baldwin Vauclain Compound apparently became obsolete with the development of the superheaters. KMR #3 was a very large engine relative to the others, and that fact kept it from being used very much during its brief life on the KMR where it was finally abandoned.

KMR #3 under cover and in the process of restoration as a static display in Dawson City
My Accucraft K-27 will fill the role of KMR #3.  The two shots here are not of my engine, which like KMR #3, has sat unused for  a long time because it was unsuitable for the intended purpose due to its unexpectedly large scale.  My own K-27 has only been run on two occasions for a few minutes each time. It has been completely out of service since 2001 when it first arrived here and is not expected to go online until 2015.


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