17 October 2010

Historic Map of the KMR & original proposed KMR garden RR layout

KMR Route

As is the case with any large scale model railroad, a great deal of selective compression is called for in order to make your chosen line fit the limitations of your yard and your budget. These two maps were taken from a recent study which re-mapped the old KMR .  Much of the line is gone, not just because of natural erosion but mainly due to extensive dredging and hydraulic mining activities which have significantly altered the landscape since the railroad was abandoned in 1913. 

This is especially the case for the area downstream from Grand Forks, which itself is non-existent. 

Below: One possible layout @ the CRD for the above historic line.  This is a very simplified compressed representation of the historic KMR line, including two historic wyes, and one which was never built at Dawson City. Detailed drawings for each section will follow. 

However, at this time, as already noted, expansion plans for this segment have been placed on indefinite hold.

It is too early to determine the exact nature of the layout of the proposed Phase III 1:20.3 KMR narrow gauge line.  Most likely it will appear something like this.  The area around Sulfur (Sulpher) Springs is high ground because that is an elevated leach field, which makes it particularly suitable for the historic east end of the line that terminated at Sulfur.  

NOTE: Written in 2009

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