17 October 2010

KMR No. 4, Pt 2

The KMR #4 moves stateside:

Purchased in 1955 by Mike Molitor for a theme park railroad at Oak Creek, Wisconsin, this engine waited for the completion of track that never occurred.  It was finally  moved to Waterford, Wisconsin in the early 1960s.

Here it is at the Pepermint & Northwestern, Waterford, WI, in 1962.  The cab sports a "Northwestern" herlad similar to the Chicago & Northwestern.

And here we have the Hooterville Cannonball, Sevierville, Tennesee.  This was not the one which was used for the filming of the old television series, "Petticoat Junction."  In fact, this operation only lasted THREE DAYS.  Photo taken July 3, 1965.

At one time I tentatively labelled one of my Phase II railroad stops "Petticoat Junction," I did not know this connection existed between an old KMR engine and a failed business attempt to tie the locomotive to the once-popular television series. Maybe someday I will actually model a Petticoat Junction. 

Current Info on KMR #4:

This not is the most current info I have that is posted on KMR 4: 2006-01-27 10:11:11.443 by Jim Boyd:   This engine has been aquired by Dry Gulch RR and is being restored!! (Adair, OK)

Apparently, if you want to see the one remaining operational KMR engine, you can do so!  

Final note :  Below is the likely large-scale model which will be modified to represent KMR #4. Like the others, this one is on hand and in storage. 

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