17 October 2010

The more modern fleet of model locomotives on the CRD railway

Most of the locomotives on the existing large-scale CRD model RR line are of the more-modern type like those pictured below. Very few of the older steam-engine types are run anymore, although I do pull one out from time to time for the visitors to see.  The Canadian Pacifics seen here are not currently in service.

Below is one of the large steam engines I ran in 2009 pulling older-style rolling stock in a first run of the season after the snow melted off the tracks. That particular engine was not run during 2010.

Here is that same Great Northern engine the 2006 season:
It is a 2-8-8-2, a model of a mallet--one of the largest steam engines ever built, used primarily as an ore-hauler for the iron-ore mines of Michigan.
It sat in the "Cantwell Industrial Park & RR Yard" all during the 2010 season.
(NOTE: all images can be clicked to view a larger version. )

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