17 October 2010

KMR No. 1

Klondike Mines Railway engine # 1

The first run out of Klondike City with engine #1 in the lead.  The first 13 miles of track was completed in mid-July 1906--the run from Dawson City, the official terminal, to Grand Forks. The remaining mileage to Sulphur Springs was completed by October to a distance of 31 miles at a final cost of about two million dollars.

KMR #1, a Brooks 2-6-0, was built in 1881 as Kansas Central Railway No. 7.  It went through several changes in ownership, including the Canadian Pacific, one of my own mainline railroads on the Phase II segment, before being sold to the White Pass & Yukon as No. 63.  In 1902 it was sold to the KMR.  As of 1961 it went to the City of Dawson as a static display.

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The large-scale (1:20.3) Bachmann 2-6-0 is a good match for KMR engine number one.   I  had already ordered that engine for this project in 2009. It is now sitting in a backroom awaiting its new home as well as some re-lettering to its new road name. Note: Since I originally wrote this, I indefinitely shelved the referenced Phase III KMR model project.

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