15 October 2010

Bob Haldeman Interview (40)

Saez said, "Frank, let me congratulate you. This is 
absolutely breathtaking. We never thought of this. It's 
brilliant. Two things come to my mind. Because of the bold 
move you have taken, I think you should have a tax rate lower 
than the others. And $100 million is just like a $100 suit; a 
$99 suit is much cheaper. I'll lower the tax rate so that we'll 
put the price of this down to $80 million, and you'll pick it up 
in the first two years of operation in your profits with the 
lower tax. Is that all right?" 

Frank said, "Fine." 

Raul said, "We're not set up to operate the property. 
Would you have a problem if we let Bob run it?" 

Frank said, "What do you want?" 

Raul said, "I'll tell you what. I have full confidence in 
Bob. Why don't you let Bob and me work out a management 

Frank said, "Anything you guys work out is fine by me. 
It's approved ahead of time." 

Lagarrigue was staying in the background, and Frank said, 
"Javier, do you have something to say?" 

Javier asked, "Who's going to sell the copper?" This was a 
great thing who sold the copper. That politically was the 

Frank said, "The board of directors is going to call the 
shots, and you have the majority." 

Javier asked, "You'll be responsible for sales?" 

Frank said, "The board will; it's not 'we'; it's 'you.'
You are going to be a shareholder on this thing." 

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