15 October 2010

Bob Haldeman Interview (41)

Swent: He wanted an advisory contract? 

Haldeman: An advisory contract with Kennecott sales [division] to help 

them for the first couple or three years until they could get an 
organization set up. 

Frank said, "Fine, Raul. Any other questions?" 

Raul said, "No." Mind you, we started at ten o'clock, and 
it was now eleven-twenty. 

And you've sold $80 million. [laughter] 

Haldeman: Raul said, "Frank, I'm sorry; I've got a meeting downtown at 
noon. Can we get together tomorrow at the same time here?" 
Sure, that would be fine. "Would you mind if we make Bob 
recording secretary? You and I will talk our agreements, and he 
will write them up. You type them out for me, we can both look 
at them, and I will take them over to the president in the 

Frank said, "Fine. Bob, set up the meeting for tomorrow." 
I said, "Yes, sir." 

Lagarrigue said, "I have to go; I have to get to town." He 
decided he didn't know what to do, so he went out, got his car, 
and went right down to the La Woneda, the presidential palace. 
He walked in and said, "I have to talk to the president." 

The president was told that Lagarrigue was there and said, 
"Have him come in right away." 

Lagarrigue went in and said, "Mr. President, we've finished 
with Kennecott." 

The president said, "Oh, God, what happened?" 

Lagarrigue said, "They offered us and we bought 51 percent 
of the company." 

Frei looked at him and said, "This is my viga maestra, my 
master beam of my structure--the copper business." That famous 
phrase is in history books. 

Abandoned Kennecott barracks, ghost town of Sewell, Chile

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