15 November 2010

Ch 21, Pt 10, conclusion: "Lunch at Bonanza"

Kennecott Mines

"Lunch at Bonanza," Chapter 21, "Legacy of the Chief," pt 10, conclusion

Superintendent William C. Douglass: He came to Kennecott as head engineer in 1916, advancing to superintendent in 1920. W.C. Douglass remained as superintendant until late 1929.

Now it was the turn of Bill Douglass.

“I see the dessert is on the way, so I’ll make this brief.

“I wish to reinforce the words of Mr. Nieding. Please remember that this
is confidential company business. We have a tremendous amount of work
ahead of us. I intend to remain here with you for the duration. There is
not a one of you whom I would not be pleased and delighted to work with
during the remaining years of this great and unique mine. It is you
fellows who have made it what it is today. You all are a part of a proud
tradition which began under Stephen Birch twenty-three years ago.

“We have always prided ourselves in our engineers. We run a first-class
operation only because of you and those who came before you. We have
stacked up a list of engineering achievements between the mines and the
railroad which will probably go down in the history books.

“I am a strong believer in families. You know that, because I have four
kids living here.”

The men chuckled at the comment. He was not through with his point.

“I have done my best to make this camp a family place. We are a family.
You can always come to me if you have any problems here at all, whether
its is professional or personal. I am here to serve you, just as you
have served us so well for so long. For Stephen Birch, Dan Jackling,
Bert Nieding, and all the others, I thank every one of you for your very
significant contributions to the Kennecott which has become our
home--the Kennecott which in some way will be with each one of us all
the rest of our lives.”

                            An early view of Kennecott   --Candy Waugaman Collection

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