15 November 2010

Ch 21, Pt 5: "Lunch at Bonanza"


ennecott Mines

"Lunch at Bonanza," Chapter 21, "Legacy of the Chief," pt 5

ABOVE: Stephen Birch,

Founder, President and
Chairman of the Board, Kennecott; president and director of the Alaska
Steamship Company; chairman of the board of Braden Copper Company (the
big one in Chile); a director of the Alaska Development and Mineral
Company; the Bankers Trust Company of New York; the Chicago, Burlington
& Quincy Railroad Company; the Colorado & Southern Railroad Company; and
the Northern Pacific Railroad Company.


“By now, all of you are aware why I
came here with Mr. Jackling. Our consulting engineer Mr. Bateman first
called my attention to the need to reevaluate this great interior Alaska
mine group in relation to our worldwide system, including the Bingham,
Ray, Chino, Ely and Braden Mines.

“It has been a great run. Much more so than we ever had dreamed. This
mine, as you all know, was my first. It is the one which I hold dearest
because my career really began right here close to the spot where I now
stand. The Bonanza-Jumbo for a brief time was a top producer worldwide.
We suspected at the beginning and we know now that the richness of the
ore here has never been surpassed and probably never will be.

“But the Bonanza and Jumbo have already seen their heyday. We have no
reason to believe that any new significant ore bodies will be discovered
in either of those mines. You will soon be asked to begin preparing a
plan of retreat for these two mines.

“With the completion of the Jumbo to Erie crosscut, we have discovered
four new veins. There remain other areas which have not yet been fully
prospected. However, there has been nothing which appears to approximate
the ore-bodies of the Jumbo or Bonanza. I have concluded that it is
unlikely that any really large deposits exist in the still unexplored
area between Jumbo and Erie. Nevertheless, I am directing Bill Douglass
to concentrate core-drilling in that area and develop prospect drifts
and cross-cuts where they can be justified."

        Daniel Jackling of Utah Copper  Company, a Kennecott subsidiary

      BELOW: The Erie Mine overlooking Root Glacier.


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