19 November 2010

Intermission, Pt 3

It is time to pack this project up for awhile. I have a stateside family-visit trip coming up and all the preparations that go with it. Each chapter you see here takes about a half day to set up, mostly due to the need to locate and re-scan the original images and find other images that are relevant to each chapter.  With 25 chapters now on line I feel that I have done enough for the time being. I note that these writings are already been found through Google searches.

It is my sincere wish that many people gain access to these chapters which cover a fascinating period in Alaskan history within the Copper Valley. The images themselves make it worthwhile to view these 25 chapters and the preface. 

You all have a happy Thanksgiving.

My regards,

Ron Simpson

NOTE: Since I wrote this post I decided to add one chapter well ahead of the others because it is so timely: "Frank's Thanksgiving Letter," Chapter 46.

UPDATE: almost midnight of Feb 10: I have finally caught up with Chapter 46, "Frank's Thanksgiving Letter." As of now the entire first 46 chapters plus the Preface are finally on line. I now have only 14 chapters to go to complete this book on line.

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