06 November 2010


Hello, readers, whoever you are. 

So far I have presented the Preface, plus a dozen chapters, out of the 60 from the full historic novel. How has it been for you so far ? How are those historic maps, drawings and photos treating you ? My guess is that you have never seen almost any of it. I spent many years and countless hours accumulating this material. It is part of a huge personal project. Some of this has never been seen by the public since the days when old Kennecott operated. It is being released here for the first time.

How about the story line ?  I have done my best to bring you the people as they really were. These were hardly perfect people, but they are very REAL, don't you think ? Remember, all of this took place a hundred years ago in a VERY different society than exists today.  

These first twelve chapters were just the lead-in for the real story that begins in the next chapter.  Hope you enjoyed this presentation. 

My regards,
Uncle Ron

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