14 October 2010

Bob Haldeman interview (12)

Salvadore Allende rallying the masses

Haldeman: Let me go into the political side of the story. About this
time, I'm getting up in management, and I'm becoming very aware
that there is a growing movement in Chile to say that the copper
should be in the hands of the Chileans. This is a backlash
imitating what was going on over Latin American oil in Brazil
with Petroleo Es Nosso and in Venezuela. The oil companies were
trying to negotiate a graceful exit. This was the anti- capitalistic theme,

and that's when the left-wing parties,the socialists, and the communists started to become very important.

They believed that the countries should own their own natural resources. This is going to be threading through the story as we go along. It began to have more and more effect on mining and my involvement in the company.

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